Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

Founder/Managing Director

Daniel is proud to be a lifelong Chester resident & worked in the property industry locally, holding senior management positions for more than 10 years, before opening Douglas Butler. Daniel’s vision for our company is clear, to offer a more superior service than our competitors, much more flexibility for our clients and to ensure that our team go above and beyond. Our team have been hand picked by Daniel, for their creativity, passion and determination in ensuring we are the number 1 choice for buyers and Sellers. Daniel runs the business daily & is extremely hands on whether it’s putting the kettle on, hosting our team morning meeting, answering the phones & conducting property valuations, he’s keen to ensure he remains a key player within our business. Daniel has experience in renovating properties both personally and for clients and is always keen to share his thoughts on how best to present your home for the property market to attract maximum interest.
Hannah Butler

Hannah Butler

Operations Manager

Whilst the Butler surname is pure coincidence, Hannah has been friends with Daniel since their childhood (poor her some would say) Prior to joining Douglas Butler, Hannah held down some incredible Customer Service and Management roles including working for a major airline globally. Hannah is the glue that holds our business together, assisting Daniel with the daily running of the business, she’s responsible for all our compliance, administration tasks and basically ensures our business runs like clockwork 24/7. Hannah is also heavily involved in working with clients to ensure their experience at Douglas Butler, is nothing other than exceptional.
Francesca Wash

Francesca Walsh

Associate Valuer

Francesca is a familiar face locally, and has lived in Chester her entire life. Francesca conducts many of our property valuations and assists our clients in preparing their home to launch to the property market. Francesca has a caring personality and is always on hand to ensure our clients are well informed, updated and are feeling confident in the sale of their home. With her degree in journalism, Francesca’s passion is creating enticing property descriptions to ensure they stand out from the competition. A complete reflection of Daniel’s role in the business, Francesca works extremely hard to exceed expectations and prides herself on always going the extra mile for our clients. If you are lucky enough to have Francesca as your main point of call, you can be assured you will be in very safe hands.
Ruth Jones

Ruth Phillips

Sales Progressor

Ruth lives in the beautiful city of Chester & has had a fantastic career in the property industry even giving our founder, Daniel a run for his money when it comes to experience. Ruth has worked locally for some well known independent estate agents including the former Minchin Fellows estate agents in Chester. Ruth progresses our property sales through to completion and is responsible for updating all parties along the way. Ruth plays one of the most important parts during the property selling journey, from sending out the memorandum of sale, ensuring all paperwork is completed & being a real support to our sellers/buyers throughout the whole process, to ensure a smooth completion.
Ruth Jones

Julie Price


Julie is our concierge & is responsible for working closely with buyers and assisting them in their property search. Julie conducts many of our property viewings & works with our sellers right at the beginning of the process to learn all she can about their home, so she can really sell their property during the viewing appointments. Julie also assists those sellers, who may need a helping hand when it comes to styling and dressing their home for photographs and viewings. Julie has an extensive customer service background and prior to joining us worked oversea’s, assisting sellers in preparing their home to launch to the overseas property market.